I am a very private person and protect myself by valuing my privacy. I also have a trust issue. I do not like to be trapped or feel I am locked into a schedule. I manage my mental health issue on a daily, sometimes moments to moment basic.

I avoid trigger and toxic situations that are detrimental to my safety, well being and changes or challenges to my comfort zone are quite scary to me. I have to feel safe. I am not a well person but I have learned to manage my issues in an appropriate manner.

It not easy being me or living in my world. I have learned to and know what I need to do to survive and only now feel able physically, mentally and emotionally to venture out of my comfort zone. I have to take small baby steps and be carefully to sustain what I have achieved this far on my journey home. From the horrors and traumas that I have witnessed that still haunt me.

I am willing to work with Help For Veterans. They need to know that I am damaged and still broken inside, even if I put on a brave front I am still crippled inside. I have no goals. I live one day at a time. This is all that I can handle and cope with and this is enough for me.

I thank HFV for this opportunity and the help they are providing through my continuing journey to recovery.